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friday night funkin’ 8-bit

This is very faithful to the original. Good job


hey do you guys know if there's an github page for this

There is!

can you add more songs plz

The music slapped hard I love this game

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Fun fact: If you perfect a song, the score will flash a rainbow when you are hovering over it! (still working on perfecting these songs on random)

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Ok thanks for the information

You both did a great job. This is amazing def on the pico8!

how to quit a song once I enter? (without winning)

press enter, then select go to title

this is pretty good, hope u make the full game :)


u forgot the spooky kids

Pico's voice is so low, i almost can't  hear his voice

a awsome  snes/gba

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I think i found a cool Random difficulty seed: "d" and "`"

If you didn't know, there is a new difficulty after hard; "Random". Doing this will change the chart of what week song your gonna play. I put the random difficulty on and went to ugh, the chart changed, it was like a fan-made chart. It wasn't the Ugh High Effort chart though.

Random mode actually randomizes all the arrows in the Hard Mode chart of the song. It does this with an algorithm to prevent too many double notes, and if you get a random map you really like, you can press Tab and then CTRL+C to copy the current seed to your clipboard so you can play it again at any time by pressing Tab on the main menu when Random is selected and pasting the previously copied seed with CTRL+V :)

Really nice feature! I actually hope they add this to the full game so you don't have to just have muscle memory to play the game.

Please make a mobile version too


i love it

wow so good but y were skid & pump not there?


GOOD JOB I LUV THIS i play it again in random mode and iit gives me diff notes and i luv it good job :D

lol i realized too but i made a similar comment before i found this

This was simply amazing.

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  • Tutorial  ✔
  • Dad Battle ✔
  • Pico ✔
  • M.I.L.F ✔
  • Roses ✔
  • Ugh ✖ (234 Attempt)

my favorite was ugh it's fast to that's the fun part for me :) 

Pretty good for what it is, though the Mom made me feel like my ears were gonna bleed (but that's expected with the retro style lol) and Ugh was the Ronald mod all over again

can u do friday night shooti next plz


Roses sounds better than the original.


go pico yeah yeah go pico oh


im dont a hater or somethings and i know what this is a pico remake of friday night funkin but why when a character sing bassically the music goes away? because the arrows are dont combined in relation of the music and it put me sooo dazzy, i cant pass tankman because the arrows confuse me and i dont know in what moment i need to prepare. but anyways this game has the medal of coolness and amaziness because im the coolest dude B)

Stroke : The simulator, but seriously, this comment is a pain in the ass to read


sorry :(

It's okay


yay :D

did you get hit in the fucking head with a pan 18 times while typing this?

ugh soo sorry dude it doesn't my intention to put all that text :(

oh yeah thats kinda understandable

arright im just a kiddo what don't know about stop when you send a fucking message  i like to send things and im a little dum


damn chill child i was just saying that it was understandable not to text all that so relax im not trying to offend you 

This is really cool! Great job on this demake! (or remake because PICO-8 isn’t really a real console)

go pico yeah yeah go pico yeah

honestly dadbattle is a bop in this version

this is cool as fuck



okay thats cool

"We have Friday Night Funkin' at home", But being serious, this is pretty amazing

Can you make a option to turn the fire works off?


man I love it

i dont know if this  is a error of my computer or what but the arrows sometimes dont show and the arrows are not sincronized with the characters. but anyways cool game!

Are you gonna add any other songs in the future?


Maybe... We'll have to wait and see ;)

This is a great re-make! Solid selection of songs, and the graphics are suprisingly good. You did a lot with the limited palet of Pico-8. BTW, do you have a link to the p8.png file for this game? I have a pico-8 emulator on my 3ds and I would love to try out this game on it!

You can find all of the carts on the Pico-8 BBS here:

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