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runs better than the original game. Thank you.

i wanted to play but now says ¨warning: game is under 30 fps¨

can there be a P8 file version please?

Hard on android 4 but runs 40 or so fps :)


can you do it for the gameboy/ gameboy color? I mean like an actual .gbc file

Yes that would be amazing

Ⓞʜ Әⓞⓓ Ɉʜǝ ƧƆɿǝǝⓝ ƆⱰⓝ ᖷ⅃Ⓘᕋ

can you add a  raspberry pi version?

dadbattle is messy on corrupted mode

pls add guns or stress

I was a little worried because of how others have struggled with timing on pico-8 rhythm games, but this worked great for me! I did better than I do on normal FNF that's for sure.

pls add the song "thorns":,(

I love it! :D

Week 5 is so laggy for some reason

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3478 on pico ( ez )

anyone beats my score and i'll follow you

Deleted 1 year ago

quit trying to felx

Deleted 1 year ago

ok,got it.just don't flex,thats all

Sure I got 3500 so follow me 

3479 now follow me XD

4579 on ugh ( random )

4768 ez


All songs on random are ez D)

i like it

to esey

This remake is absolutely amazing! I'm not good at the game itself, but this version somehow makes me less angry when I lose because it's ADORABLE!! 10/10!!



i swear i just heard mommy mearest say BITCH- when i full combo'd the beat drop on corrupt mode

you could still hear anything? for me it was just heart monitor noise

Show post...

finally the only place where i can escape coolguydaboiyt

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At last! Skid and pump are here!

Has to be one of my favorite games, love everything about it!

i  fcd cocoa 1st try 

pico-8 doesnt have very much space stop asking for more

i liked the new update

i was waiting for week 2 

and the 8-bit sound on ugh is music to my ears its fire

ok this is awesome! you did the game justice by creating this well done.

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hey bro pls send commands and photos and art why? create mod (pls im not lying)

send instagram insta account: alperenproplayerofgames2

mod name : HQ Bf

Deleted 1 year ago

i FC all song on random :D

هاذا جيد لاكن ممكن أن تضيف مودات للعبة وشكرا


وأنا أتفق ، هذه اللعبة جيدة جدا. ولكن في المرة القادمة استخدام اللغة الإنجليزية ، من فضلك.


this was inevitable and I love this. 


10/10 making a video about it

I love the little details where you reset and it does a pattern that is random like on a real GB cart

That's just what Pico-8 does when you reset

trying to fc milf is pain

just wait for tankmans song-

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ugh was  easy

Ugh was very hard for me

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i fc'd it first try

awesome hope they complete the game with the second songs: spookes.philly and blammed.satin panties e exc.cocoa.winter the horrorland.Guns and stress.lo fight, Overhead and ballistic.parish zavodila and more songs

Lo-Fight, Overhead, Ballistic and Parish aren't official songs.

ya 4 song by fnf mod

this is accually really good why is this really good the sprites the remixes the little things EVERYTHING IS GOOD

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