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An endless score/time chasing arcade game featuring Crunky, Crinkly, Crungulian, and many more zany Crunko Pops to explore in the Crunkipedia. As you get deeper into a run, more Crunko Pops will reveal themselves to you, and you must die at their hands to unlock their Crunkipedia entry. This means you have to risk potentially good runs for a chance at learning more about Crunkoland.

Programmer/Artist/Musician - Carson Kompon
Ground Sprite - Yukon Wainczak
Turnip Boy - Snoozy Kazoo LLC

As this is a game made exclusively for the Panic Playdate, it's designed with the crank in mind, and is not recommended to play in the simulator, although you still can if you'd like :)

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorCarson K.
TagsArcade, crank, Endless, jumping, Playdate


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If you have a PlayDate, this is essential.  IMO it's the best sideloaded game out there!


I was pleasantly surprised with how well this game handles with the crank and the game loop is pretty fun.  A crank based avoid-em-up is something I wasn't expecting but gotta say this is a solid first step!
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This is so good!

Tiny thing: I would *love* to get a small warning bubble when an enemy is about to appear from off screen, a la Crankin's Time Travel Adventure.

Also, just curious: did you consider making it possible to jump on the enemies? I keep feeling like I should be able to do that!

Downloaded for free. Came back to pay. This game is dope!!!

Nice game, great presentation!

Fun little game, nice amount of polish.
I do like the beastiary idea of dieing by new enemies to colect them. loads of replay in that.
i did notice a few times dieing by an enemy right under the starting point.

I was working on a similar auto jump score attack with characters from my game flea.


Crunky is just what my life needed right now.


This is sooooooo good! What a gem <3 The cute blurbs for the Crunky's, simple yet engaging gameplay, collectathon... It's great! Nothing like a good endless :) Thanks for this one!