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can i make mods with it

Absolutely. Check the Github for a full guide on how to make your own mod with PICO-8:

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but i don't have pico-8

storm would be really cool in 8 bit


Best remix: dadbattle
Worst remix: pico (if you're going to make it beeps at least make pico and bf have the same parts, pico's part sounds bad with beeps)

I FC'd every song :D (pic not related)

if you can make a mod it will be a lot of fun


it like playing fnf but with no lag


I would kill for a gba port of this like with Celeste classic on gba


spooky month


I pressed 9 too much and the game crashed

it was lagging a lot when I tried


Cool but where's the spooky month week


AAA this is amazing, i really hope for another songs, neve got tired of playing it!!

the soundtrack is a diamond i just want more songs

well the games bad just like it said it be they took out weeks 2 and 5 and made it one song per week which made the really short but I'm not complaining

add LT FOR LEFT LB FOR UP  RB FOR DOWN RT FOR  RIGHT plz (not yelling    just all caps sory )

perfect in all ways 10/10


y e s

I played this until my hand hurt 10/10

is this a virus?



literally forgets spooky kids lol


it takes time to make sprites and make the music

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I really enjoyed this. Keep up the good work!

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lol this game is cool :D and i have microsoft edge too but i think what the arrows are anyway  little bit out of the rytmn


I RATE THIS 100/10(this is real)

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10/10 but add bopeebo i made one but im not a scammer so i cant send the link.

The fact that you managed to put the song "Ugh" into it was amazing and great gameplay. I thought some people left Pico day behind but apparently not.

Omg 10/10

esse jogo tambem tem o game over raro! eu achei, devia te tirado print, mas apertei enter muito rapido.

woah this is a really great mod keep up the good work man 

my inputs dont work :(

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i cant download windows version

Show post...

you have a chromebook but ok?

no i don't have a chromebook its a lenovo laptop

this is so cool :D

Good Job!

god, this is REALLY sick

good job

this is insane!! Good  Job


where spooky kids?


not there

please do more, it was really cool


milf beat drop goes HARD


Could you perhaps add more songs? Would be cool if you made the whole game. I understand though if you can't

Sadly he can't, but it's only because of Pico-8's limitations, this was all Carson could fit into the engine

this game is epic

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