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i cant run it bro :skullemoji:

fun novel idea!

what a goofy game <3

Thats cool. <3


can you add the other functions of  ms paint? Like Paint Bucket or Text.

also add vitality to the player and enemies

By vilality to you mean health? If so I'd definitely look into that and regarding sharing games, it's something that could definitely be possible. I'll look into it if I ever come back to this

The program is very good, but could save the games

This is absolutely genius!

It'd be awesome if you could make a mode that can save what you make, then the editor could reopen it to be played later (I know this is hard I've done it for my own FC). It'd step this up to the next level though.


I was thinking of revisiting the project and adding stupid simple stuff like that. It wouldn't be too hard as I could just pull the code from one of my other projects. Definitely something I've been considering already :)

This is just funny Ms paint

Muy bueno. Solo que no puedes hacer armas,para matar al enemigo